Healthcare Discussion

Hey everyone!

This page is where I’ll share with you my Belive.TV interviews featuring different individuals within the healthcare profession, including students. Enjoy!

How to Take Action! featuring rockstar DPT student (graduating this year in 2018 along with myself) Jenna Kantor

Being curious as a DPT student with Mike Maher

Network = Net Worth! with Alex Engar

DPT Student Life with Bergomy

In an interview hosted by Bergomy, I share my story about my first mentor who helped me along the journey of getting into PT school

Here is a discussion on getting into PT school with Tyler Tracy, a gentleman that I met at a national PT conference (Combined Sections Meeting)

Thoughts on Career Burnout from F Scott Feil

Thoughts on Growth in the Physical Therapy profession with Ben Fung

Part 1

Part 2

How to Level Up in the field of Physical Therapy with Greg Todd (yes, this is the same video on the Level Up page)

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare with Paul Gough