Always my puppy; a better love story than Twilight


Hey everyone!

I hope you are ready to learn about my puppy, Isabela. Unfortunately, she is not doing too hot at the moment and will likely pass away soon …but I’d just like to share this, especially since she just had her 12th birthday this year (2006-2018). She was my birthday present from my older brother back in 2006 during a surprise home visit from college (University of California, San Diego)… from a wild trip with his buddies down to Mexico. She was only 2 months old when I first met her… a $10 puppy barking in the back of a truck, paid to a shady guy who likely never knew her… from a dude who was trying to impress a girl and failed miserably but… at least Isa found a home.

I was just a teenager in high school taking AP Chemistry, in my off-season between Cross Country and Track & Field, and enjoying playing violent, ridiculous online matches of Syphon Filter on my Sony PlayStation Portable as I walked downstairs from my room to see what all the fuss was about. My mom was the one who originally was ecstatic and enthusiastic about keeping our new puppy in our new home that we FINALLY got after spending several years living with my mom’s parents (NOT a bad thing …but still we needed space) after my parents divorced.


I don’t often argue or fight for any reason… but Isabela, she was one of those reasons. My mom had a change of heart and tried getting rid of Isa. My uncle (mother’s younger brother) wanted us to get rid of Isa because my older sister was about to have a baby (my eldest niece). The above photo depicts a snapshot of the medical procedures that my mom and I would do for Isa (WAY beyond $10) to get rid of the tapeworms, get rid of t he dew claw, spay her, get her up-to-date on immunizations, and attend paid lessons at Petco to train her. Although she was once a wild energetic puppy who chewed up my Stunna shades (they were knock-offs but still… decent-looking aviators), she did calm down and never hurt the girls (my nieces).


I walked with Isa. When I say “walked”, I mean… we walked for hours even when I felt a little tired in my legs from running during practice. One time, I went out for a run and my brother held the leash. She was able to keep up with me for a solid half mile before the fatigue got to her and I broke off blazing. The above photo shows how tired she would be after one of our walks. Isa was a smarty-pants, heading off to the kitchen tiles to cool down before drinking from her steel water bowl.


To finish off this blog post, there is one story I would like to share. I sometimes share online about how I used to be home alone studying for my AP classes (college-level courses during high school). When she was still a puppy, I was still learning how to be a dog owner. I did my usual things coming home from school and practice. I headed upstairs to shower, leave my clothes on the ground, and whatnot. I was a bit startled when I heard the bathroom door pop open to the dark hallway. My puppy whimpered, strolled in, and sat on my pile of clothes as I finished up showering. So I guess… that’s what I mean when I say “a better love story than Twilight”. Thanks for reading!




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