Entrepreneurship in Healthcare


Hello readers!

Thank you so much for following me and enjoying my content! Just to preface, this is a shorter blog post but… this is a much needed one to SET the TONE that has been long overdue within a profession experiencing an identity crisis in the face of the healthcare climate. I am… “going there” but I swear I am feeling humbled and thinking much clearer in real life. Cheers!



Here lies the opportunity to be truly free from finances and time AND develop the ability to sustain it while continuing to grow. Here is a chance to truly do what you have been meaning to do AND be rewarded for fulfilling your purpose WHILE maintaining integrity and NOT shooting down others in the “rat race”. Yes… FORTUNATELY, healthcare IS a business and it is time that the right people are in the profession to address the NEEDS of the PATIENT, NOT the PAYOR. If you are going to meet crazy “productivity standards” to “line someone’s pockets”, then make sure those are YOUR pockets. What we do as healthcare professionals, especially Physical Therapists, is HIGHLY valuable. Here is the opportunity for our self-worth as a profession to NOT be determined by $$$ but rather by the GRATITUDE from the lives of the people who we want to impact.

What does this mean to me?

For me, I finally have a fair shot at the privilege of escaping an environment filled with toxicity… once and for all… and be able to leverage my story in order to help others achieve that for themselves. I can be myself wholly, fully, unequivocally, unapologetically WITHOUT any masks or facades AND be rewarded for this painstaking behavior.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the Belive.tv interview that I am doing (or did depending on when you read this) with Paul Gough, one of THE legends in the field of Physical Therapy, especially amongst private practice owners.

Last, but not least, level up!


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