Heal any moment! How a job in a great community shaped my healthcare professional views


Sharing a short Tumblr re-post (and caption) about how excited I was to have a fulfilling job. What is most exciting is that I am on the brink of entering the Physical Therapy profession and embarking on my career journey. I will explain more during this week’s vlog. Cheers!

I am blessed to have a full-time job with benefits and a retirement plan. Who knew a Skilled Nursing Facility could be so awesome? Yet Mercy Retirement & Care Center is heaven on earth, caring for priests, sisters, and brothers. How ironic that within 3 months, I went from unemployed to highly valued job material, providing help at Salem Lutheran Home (which was sold to another company). Despite upper-management not recognizing me, I have earned the respect of the entire staff. All the staff members and patients are extremely friendly. I have never been so excited to go to work. I hope my career workplace as a Doctor of Physical Therapy will be just as excellent.

Compare that to what I shared afterwards regarding the photo above…

I hope I have the opportunity to work with an awesome Rehab Team in the near future. Can’t say enough about how lucky I was to work at a healthcare facility with great staff (especially CNAs, housekeeping, life enrichment, maintenance, and the culinary team), great management, and, most of all, great residents. #TBT

Edit: Can’t forget the cute mascot, a small white shih tzu dog who I would end up chasing around the building. Never knew the job responsibilities included walking the dog.


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