Sink or swim


Quick share about my personal story that I want to talk about here. Probably the most admirable time of my life was when I was in high school. Despite family drama through middle school, I still kept my grades up. I was not the straight A 4.0 student but my grades were still nothing to scoff at. In a previous blog post, I mentioned my achievement as the most academically successful student of Filipino ancestry in one of the more rigorous public high schools of the Bay Area. The basis for knowing it was good was that substitute teachers preferred being where I went to school. The exposure to real-world problems and inconsistencies beyond the academic bubble really opened my eyes though. This was so much more than getting sidetracked during a track meet. So in high school, on top of taking as many college-level AP courses as possible, guitar lessons, running cross country and track & field, and volunteering through Key Club, I would spend some restless nights helping take care of my niece, which I would do willingly without any need for recognition. It was something I would never talk about with people. Not going to really go into detail but basically, my sister is crazy. My mom simply tried (and to this day continues) to help raise the grandkids. Being in that environment drove me to this “sink or swim” mentality that was extremely stressful and drove me crazy. It was the point that led to me burning out in college despite my dreams to be a PT since childhood. I would face so much resistance with the culmination of burning questions about “why” for all the things in my world that felt wrong.

Reflecting from this stance as a third year DPT student learning immense amounts of knowledge during my first clinical rotation with a world-renowned PT as my first CI is insane. I sincerely thank Dr. Michael Wong and Dr. Jeff Moore for helping me reach my current level of clinical decision making beyond the material covered in class. Most of all, I am deeply grateful for my mentors and support network! If you are a Physical Therapist or DPT student, then you should seriously level up!

I can say that the anger and frustration of having undergone a horribly wild and untold story has faded. Yet I still feel some type of passion to pursue something more. It’s still not completely clear what that is but… that’s not the point. The journey is what matters most. It doesn’t matter who you are… whether that be race, religion, sexuality, or age… the truth will ALWAYS win out in the long-run. So be patient and you can outlast anything! Survive and then THRIVE! That is the fundamental truth for why I wholeheartedly and firmly believe that I can change the world, even if that impact is “only” one person. This is not some young, naive perspective. This is a mature outlook after seeking sources of real, authentic, and DEEP inspiration for what feels like ages. Most of all, you have my support in your journey to change the world too! Thank you for reading! Keep at it!


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