Let’s be honest! Feeling the pangs of burnout? Do you still have that passion for your career? Is something amiss?


Burnout? It’s a real thing! Why? Well, “why” is the most important thing. If your “why” isn’t strong, then you are susceptible to burnout. Sometimes, there are situations that you did not expect once you jumped into a workplace, which can include school as well. My advice to you is… “Don’t doubt yourself!” Who cares if other people doubt you? Don’t focus on proving other people wrong! Focus on proving what you inherently know to be true! What do I mean? Whatever vision it is that you have… believe in that and do what it takes to get there. Be relentless!

So… for me, Physical Therapy school was by far the most grueling and tough run through education that I have ever experienced. Why? Anyone can preach about the terrors of test week. Being in a routine of eat, sleep, study while going to class from 8 am to 5 pm is no bueno, especially when some of the exams are lab practicals where you have to physically demonstrate a technique. However, it’s not just how you use your hands. You also have to clarify when this intervention would be contraindicated, the parameters (settings), and how to document. Safety is the biggest concern. It’s doable but… geez. Going through it felt robotic at times because information was rushing in much faster than I was able to process it. I am so grateful to have made it past the difficult points. The only thing that stands in my way (at the time of writing this post) is the NPTE, which is the board examination for Physical Therapy students. One major critique is that the NPTE has no lab practical component and emphasizes safety more than anything. Also, the concepts of questions are derived from textbooks, which can include outdated information. Despite the challenge of wanting to be a solid clinician out of the gates and having to put in the necessary struggle to pass the boards, I am confident that my cohort (yay class of 2018) will rock it!

Beyond the board examination and after obtaining licensure, things can be… rough. I do not know personally but I hear the tone of overworked individuals pretty often, especially with the bickering in online groups. Burnout is definitely a real thing with the challenges of insurance reimbursement and providing quality care for the patient… but you (PTs) should check out my level up page! Why? There actually are PTs (turned business owners) who understand your frustration and how to help you learn the necessary skills to get back on track in this 24/7 digital era. Things truly don’t have to be the way they are. Let’s be a part of that change!


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