Why and how to build long-term relationships with your ideal client via social media marketing


(Photo of me and Ben Ramos, the top chiropractor in San Diego)

Before I begin, you (loyal readers) are integral to this experience. Thank you so much for your time and your attention. I appreciate the recognition and will continue to follow the mission of my personal brand to inspire you in a meaningful manner! I truly appreciate that you find me or anything I say… interesting. Also, quick announcement, I will start up a mini-series of blog posts focusing more about my story, especially living with OBPI (obstetric brachial plexus injury) and that experience. Release date is TBD but it is in the works! I even mentioned it on a podcast to hold myself accountable 😉

Alrighty! So marketing (especially digitally on Facebook or Instagram) is simply using tools as a vehicle for communicating your message. For Physical Therapists, we have it easy simply put because what we do works… yet few people inherently know what it is we actually do. In our case, we provide a solid service. Other businesses have it even easier when selling products, especially bicycles (shout outs to Dr. Jeff Moore). While sharing a message is nice, the overall process is what matters most. The secret to that is having a plan and a strategy! The tactics will follow and flow more naturally when you understand what it is you are doing and why. So for PTs who own a private practice, this means demonstrating clearly how seeing a movement specialist can truly benefit the patient. Be proactive! Answer people’s questions! If a famous athlete experiences an injury, why not quickly write up a blog post about it? Check it (shout outs to my mentor Greg Todd)! Guess who draws in traffic and gets more views?

Although I could definitely continue, it is in your best interest to start implementing. Like now! Go for it! As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! PTs, definitely consider leveling up!

To finish up, Gary Vee is a great example of building up a brand genuinely by freely sharing content and solid advice for real entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the work. Check him out on YouTube (see video below) and maybe you are the lucky one who is called up on the Ask Gary Vee Show. In fact, that’s how I heard about someone who I eventually interviewed on the Capable Body podcast (to be released soon)!


6 thoughts on “Why and how to build long-term relationships with your ideal client via social media marketing”

  1. Hey Matt! Love that gary vee video. I still have yet to check out some of the links in your post, but question about the photo with Ben, the chiropractor…do you meet up with people in other health professions to learn from each other? So curious, just because I follow some other health professionals on twitter and insta so I can learn their perspectives and what they do. Just wondering if that’s why you do it in real life too! lol not that social media isn’t real life, it’s just different..
    Also, what you said about marketing is really cool. I am in some non-PT facebook groups and a couple times people have posted about having an injury and the comments always roll in about chiropractors — not PT! Do you see that too? Do you say anything about it? Looking forward to your personal story mini-series :))

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    1. Ben and I are homies! We knew about each other virtually through Paul Gough and finally met up in person at a marketing event in San Diego. There is always something to learn about people, especially other healthcare professionals. Even extremely smart individuals in the PT profession who have completed a residency program can still learn from a chiropractor because… unfortunately, DPT Programs do not prepare entry-level clinicians for opening up a private practice within today’s economy and current insurance reimbursement model. Going to any specific healthcare professional educational program definitely does NOT do justice for elaborating on what other healthcare professionals are capable of doing, which is unfortunate for Physical Therapists who are often looked upon as leaders within the Rehabilitation team featuring Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapy Assistants, and Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants. My brief work experience as a Rehab Tech was extremely insightful for seeing behind-the-scenes with admin work and learning about the roles of the billing department, social worker, nursing staff, facility manager, dietician, pharmacy technician, medical records staff, spiritual care staff, marketing team, and medical director (plus countless important team members).


      1. Lol that’s awesome! And so true — makes me think of observing in the hospital — I had no idea about the PT’s responsibilities in a hospital setting and how they’re constantly working with all the other pros like nurses. Also, I wasn’t meaning to speak negatively about chiropractic care, just saying that not a lot of ppl know about PT. Thanks for answering my questions, matt :))

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  2. This week’s motivational quote is “Some people are a little bit afraid about the future because they see all these gadgets and gizmos coming down the pike and they think they’re too old to learn all this new stuff. But eventually they begin to realize, ‘Hey, some of this stuff is useful.'” -Michio Kaku, found at https://www.instagram.com/p/BW-At3-g9xO/

    Replay of this week’s FB livestream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7W1CA4nJtc


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