Pathfinders: the Journey of Navigating your Career Path within Physical Therapy (the most fulfilling yet least known doctoral profession)


Finding your career path? Not sure where to turn? Connect with the PT connector, Dr. Ben Fung! Start strong. Move up. Grow wealth. Kill debt. Give back! To showcase what I genuinely mean about “connecting”, check out this video of Ben hanging out with me out at False Point in Pacific Beach (San Diego, CA). This post is intended to be more of a reflection on my experience and sharing where you can look for more information if the Pathfinders online course appeals to you. Quick side story before diving into the topic…

Before I joined #socialPT and #PTFam, I had blinders on so that I could focus exclusively on school… only to be disappointed (saving for a later topic in August).

Ben has discussed how the school system in general lied to us.

He has also explained why being successful does not require permission.

Despite being aware of Ben due to his continual efforts with reaching out to DPT students via live video streams in the Facebook group, I chose Disneyland over his “secret event” during CSM 2016 in Anaheim, CA. Let’s face it… who wouldn’t choose the happiest place on Earth over PT? Content is king and marketing is queen, right… especially when you clearly know what you are getting… because consistency is key? But if you want a legacy, then context is the damsel in distress. Ben knows I am teasing, though it is true 😛

Interested in learning more? Find out here.

Quick disclaimer: I personally do not judge people differently based on whether or not you are pursuing interests similar to mine. You do not have to do any of the online courses that I have done, go to the conferences I have been to, or participate in any services that I will (or already do) provide. I am simply sharing my experiences for free and hoping that you obtain some concrete value out of it. Most of all, I am showing the doors for various things that may interest you but that type of decision is ultimately yours. Hopefully something resonates with you. You are more than welcome to explore all the content that I put out because that’s exactly why I put stuff out there! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments! That being said… don’t hesitate to level up!

Fast forward to today and I was the one DPT student who not only kept up the consistency on social media after Ben’s talk at CSM (with Richard Severin, Brett Kestenbaum, and Greg Todd) but I also took the “leap” into UpDoc’s initial cohort of Pathfinders. Granted, I already had a pleasant previous experience with a PT-related online course yet I was deeply intrigued in learning more about the inpatient setting from someone with experience who would be willing to take me under his wing. The pleasant surprise was that I probably got the most out of the course, especially having access to amazing individuals within the field of Physical Therapy who would answer my questions honestly and thoroughly. On top of that, the PT Pathfinders were very supportive and each came from different backgrounds with a different career focus. Each of us struggled with the real challenge of asking for a higher initial salary or asking later down the road for raise. Despite having access to helpful information, actually implementing the mindset and techniques into practice is another story. I notably had fond respect for the new grad PTs dealing with the situations that I foresee and dread, particularly tackling student loan debt. This is a topic covered extremely well in the course. Quick shoutout to Joe Reinke for being such a trooper giving Pathfinders great pearls of wisdom on finance while recovering from surgery for appendicitis. In fact, shoutout to all the community mentors who contributed to the group.

Like what you have heard thus far? Take a peek at the course outline (scroll down on the web page).

Without giving any secrets away, the one final thing I will mention is this, you get out what you put in. The commitment varies but did not extend beyond 3 hours per week. This concept of quality commitment applies to most things in life but definitely with this course that is geared towards a sense of community. I extremely enjoyed taking this course, witnessing the transformation amongst my peers, and valuing the level of engagement. Not once did I ever feel short-changed or “sold out”. Ben knows this with how many times I would reach out to him on Snapchat or how many minutes we would spend on the phone discussing topics that I cared about. I swear I wasn’t testing you! I just had a ton of questions!

Lastly, below is my personal “why” video about pursuing a career in PT.

If you are interested in learning more about the course, check out the website for more details. Also, as a heads up, I will have Dr. Ben Fung join me in a Belive.TV interview in September. Like my Facebook page here so you don’t miss out on that as well as my vlog discussions pertaining to life, PT, or business! Replay link will be added on my YouTube channel afterwards.


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