Personal Development


Change is uncomfortable. Focus on yourself in a manner that is not selfish and then you can serve others better. Sometimes it helps to have support but the most crucial elements of change occur on your own with a sense of drive and purpose. Most of all, don’t be afraid to fail. We are all human. We are all people. To be better at what we do, we must not forget to grow individually as people so that we can come together as a community. What is the secret to becoming better holistically? Surround yourself with the right people. There are so many great resources available for what you need (and might not be aware of). Listen to podcasts. Watch YouTube videos. Join Facebook groups. Chat with people.

Some of the key metrics that you might not be able to clearly measure objectively are energy and momentum. You know it when you see it as clear as day. Like seeing a puppy going out for a walk filled with the excitement of new adventures with new friends along the way. The thing with personal development is that it needs to speak to you in order to achieve the maximum benefit. Most of all, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and explore because pleasant surprises await. However, if there is a glaring void to be filled, you may have to suck it up for a little bit in order to gather what you need from a successful mentor (perhaps with too much ego). Overall, this post is one of my unusually shorter reads. I hope you enjoyed it and feel at least some inclination to begin your journey towards becoming a better “you” for your sake.


12 thoughts on “Personal Development”

    1. YouTube suggestions are great! I started by watching authors of personal development books like Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins as well as animated summaries from FightMediocrity. One of my favorite vloggers for a long time has been Anna Akana and one of my favorite musicians (who also vlogs) is Kina Grannis. Go with the flow! Don’t be afraid to explore! Most of all… be you!

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