Winners? Who is your ideal patient or client?


(Photo used with permission from Felicia Wenah; taken in San Antonio, TX during the CashPT Lunch Hour featuring Aaron LeBauer, Jarod Carter, and Greg Todd at APTA CSM 2017)

Winners? Who are they?!? This week’s topic is marketing but, more specifically, how to be your authentic self (as opposed to “salesy”) in order to reach out to your ideal client! Was my college degree related to business and marketing? Nope! Have I ever owned a business? Nope! If my lack of credentials or experience turn you off, then allow me to save you the time… stop reading here. I am a current DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) student who graduated college as a bio major. My work experience between undergrad and PT school was a job as a Rehab Tech. However, during the past several months, I have taken a handful of courses related to business within the healthcare field as a PT. One of my mentors is featured in the photo above.

On to the main point of discussion, winners are people who succeed by fulfilling their dreams while lending a helping hand to others. In the framework of PT, this means extending the continuum of care for patients beyond what is traditionally covered by insurance. Why? This is a great question to be addressed later.

What exactly is your authentic self? For me, this means being absolutely consistent on my main characteristic of authenticity. This is the breath of fresh air that people need! Not convinced? Check out my first several blog posts! These are merely snapshots of myself. If you want more, there is more… on my Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram profile. Most of all, you can reach me on Snapchat and I will reply within 24 hours.

Who is your ideal client? For me, when imagining the ideal patient, I envision someone frustrated with the current quality of care that feels like a waste of time yet is deeply motivated to do more than watch Netflix all day. I am most deeply concerned about individuals like myself… living with a brachial plexus injury and feeling stuck in the dichotomy between not being fully accepted within society yet being too high functioning for insurance coverage of rehab services. What do I mean “not fully accepted”? One of my passions is basketball. I love going onto an empty court and shooting around for an hour. I don’t care about recognition. I know that people judge based on looks or who they know when it comes to picking teams. I’m the type of person who would rather make my own team.

Got poor insurance coverage? My brachial plexus injury is a serious issue not being addressed properly. This is a stable condition that is mainly musculoskeletal with secondary impairments. Who are the best direct providers of musculoskeletal care? Physical Therapists. Don’t trust me? Check out my blog post about CSM 2017 (the event featured in the above photo) and the advice that Dr. Michael Wong (Ortho Professor at Azusa Pacific University and founder of the Physio U apps) had for DPT students. However, the public is largely unaware of this so it is up to PT private practice owners to lead the charge in raising public awareness via means that provide value to real people with real problems.

Thank you for reading! This is quite a different take on my blog posts. Hope you gained something of value! Another blog post on marketing will come out in 6 weeks! But remember… it’s not the tool. It’s how you use it! Understand the purpose before you try to implement how to market properly. This is simply a quick mental exercise to begin the process of adopting the proper mindset for direct marketing. Please feel free to comment or contact me privately about your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Winners? Who is your ideal patient or client?”

  1. Matt, This post is awesome!

    I love your authenticity… it’s definitely one of your superpowers!

    Your sentence “I’m the type of person who would rather make my own team” really resonates with me! Growing up, I was short, skinny and looked very much the part of a kid who couldn’t play basketball well… I hated the whole “picking teams” deal!

    This is now a must: You, me, playing basketball, on the same team.

    Kudos on some great writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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