SSPT Live Event 2017: Advancing the field of Physical Therapy from virtual to reality


SSPT Live? What’s that? It was an amazing conference with an emphasis on the business side of Physical Therapy practice. Why? Because most people have absolutely no idea what Physical Therapy is. Even within the profession and amongst students, we struggle with how we define PT. For more about Smart Success PT, check out my previous blog post. Before I begin, thank you to my mentors and the presenters for their inspiration! Without them, this event would not have been possible! Great conversations were had, especially with attendees whom I never met nor heard of. I always find it useful to be around the right people and feel a re-affirmation of my mindset. This blog post is intended to be more of a reflection on the experience.

Quick disclaimer: I personally do not judge people differently based on whether or not you are pursuing interests similar to mine. You do not have to do any of the online courses that I have done, go to the conferences I have been to, or participate in any services that I will (or already do) provide. I am simply sharing my experiences for free and hoping that you obtain some concrete value out of it. Most of all, I am showing the doors for various things that may interest you but that type of decision is ultimately yours. Hopefully something resonates with you. You are more than welcome to explore all the content that I put out because that’s exactly why I put stuff out there! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

As I sat in the Las Vegas airport, I watched my Facebook feed with the beautiful photos taken by people already out in Clearwater, FL. I could not wait to meet the SSPT Fam who experienced the same journey that I did. Most of all, I could not wait to once again see my mentors in person. CSM (an annual national Physical Therapy conference) was a great experience but there has never been anything quite like this… the SSPT Live Event.

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First off, huge shoutout to Raymond Agostino! He offered to pick up people from the airport, including me. He’s a winner who made the jump to stick around a couple extra days for the Mastermind Event with Greg Todd, Paul Gough, and Aaron LeBauer. What do I mean by “winner”? He understands how to communicate clearly with patients and answer movement-related questions, especially beyond the clinic walls. Most of all, he understands how to provide the care that patients need regardless of insurance coverage. We clicked because we both enjoy distance running and PT. I can’t speak enough about his cheerful attitude, charisma, and friendliness. I know that I could have taken a shuttle from the airport to the hotel for a relatively cheap price but I could not turn down the opportunity to begin this journey by meeting a fellow SSPT alumni who went through the same experience.

The social hour on Friday night by the Wyndham Grand Hotel pool was epic. This was the first time for attendees to meet each other. Most of us took the online SSPT course with Greg Todd but never had a chance to meet personally until now. The greatest aspect was how we shared core values yet came from all over the country. The conversations were great because we all had unique stories and challenges. On top of that, Paul Gough’s family, Greg Todd’s family, and the Renewal Rehab staff (Greg Todd’s clinic) were there sharing in on the fun.

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The view from the hotel room was pure bliss. I enjoyed running along the beach and feeling the fine grains of sand underneath my bare feet. The weather was much better in Clearwater than Las Vegas. The humidity was not bad at all. I experienced much worse during family trips to Mexico. Although there was not much time to relax, the environment was perfect for this event. One of the inside jokes with the limited time was “eating at Crabby’s”, a nearby seafood restaurant within walking distance from the hotel.


The content of the conference was recorded on video for SSPT students so I will not delve too much into it beyond what I had in my notes. One of the great surprises was Will Butler’s presentation on “An Elephant Named Stress”. Will Butler is a PT who became a financial advisor in order to serve clinicians with knowledge on managing debt, especially considering the exorbitant amount of student loans for attending a DPT program. His story is very personal and can be found on many podcasts, including the Breaking Student Debt Podcast by SSPT alumni Will Boyd (who unfortunately could not make it to SSPT Live). The main takeaway was that we should embrace an optimal level of stress and an appropriate mindset to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Another great surprise was Ken Kerry’s presentation on Video Testimonials. He is not a PT yet his presenation was highly applicable for anyone who provides a valuable service. By using video testimonials, it allows any business owner to sell without “selling”. Most of all, it frees up time to continue providing a great service. If you want to learn more about Ken Kerry, look up “Hooked On Phonics”. Chances are that you heard about it but did you know that it was Ken & Barbi Kerry who made the initial infomercials that grew the business?

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Last but not least, what would this event have been like without presenations by the big 3? Here are quick recaps from their presentations.


Greg Todd hired a DJ to play music at key points during his presentations. It was hype! He explained why direct marketing and personal branding is key for attracting the right people, especially as a doctoring profession. He demonstrated examples of marketing in action.

Aaron LeBauer explained simply how patient perception of value matters to tackle the inevitable question of “do you take my insurance?”

Out of all the speakers, Paul Gough’s presentation cannot be accurately reflected via text. His bravado, tone, body language, and delivery are all on point. He emphasized the psychology and communication aspects of growing a business, including a PT private practice. The funny yet true example was the process of booking an airplane flight. Paul harped on how ludicrous it is to think that patients don’t experience the same angst and anxieties when booking an appointment for PT.

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As an honorable mention, Jerry Durham, godfather of social PT, was present and participated in the Q & A session. He has a big presence on Twitter and intimately understands the patient journey experience. Most of all, he is genuine, humble, and always willing to answer questions.

On a final note, I had a great conversation with my Lyft Driver and fellow SSPT alumni Brandon Poenn. We talked about many topics, especially the Live Event and experience of meeting like-minded individuals. It was interesting talking about the Uber and Lyft experiences as a driver and as a rider. However, what piqued my interest most was hearing how things were different locally in the Tampa Bay area, especially compared to the San Francisco Bay area (where I was born and raised). It was touching how my Lyft driver shared a personal story about his friend suddenly passing away on Memorial Day (May 29, 2017) despite seeing him look “normal” and doing push-ups several days prior. Being unable to understand what happened is perhaps the most difficult part of the grieving process. I was deeply appreciative of how this gentleman was able to connect with me and Brandon within such a short amount of time during the trip to the airport. Overall, the whole experience of visiting Clearwater, FL with people I met virtually was a great opportunity for growth personally and professionally.

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Here are the live videos that I made during the conference:

Day 1 – Ready for the Morning Workout

Tour of the Gym

Day 1 – Hype

Day 1 – Done

SSPT Peeps

On the Way to the Bathroom



SSPT Live Event Wrap Up

Thank you for reading! I hope you gained something useful, even if you are not a PT. However, if you are a PT looking to level up big time, then sign up for SSPT Live Event 2018! Below are ways to find the speakers on social media.

Greg Todd:

Aaron LeBauer:

Paul Gough:

Will Butler:

Ken Kerry:


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