Movement is an Art: a Tribute to Monty Oum


So… this is a super nerdy post but I have to pay tribute to one of the greatest animators of all time who unfortunately passed away at a young age. If you want to truly learn about marketing in the long-term as opposed to monetizing an audience for short-term gains, then watch Monty’s freely available work on YouTube (see links below). Truth be told, just watch his videos and you will not be disappointed. His passion bleeds through the screen and provides context at such a deep level for video game and martial arts fans. He breathes life into the characters and demonstrates how movement is an art. Without further ado, here are links to some of Monty’s best projects along with one of his inspirational quotes.



Description: In this video that launched Monty Oum’s popular appeal, Master Chief (from the Halo series) faces off against Samus.

Dead Fantasy (this is number 2 from the series, which is the best one IMO)

Description: In this video, characters from the Final Fantasy series face off against characters from the Dead or Alive series. What makes this one unique is the amount of characters on screen and the way that Monty animated the fight scenes in different environments.

Halo Can’t Hold Us AMV

Description: In this fan-made music video, Halo characters from the Red vs Blue series duke it out.


Description: In this video trailer, Ruby (Red) fights a pack of wolves. RWBY is an animated series that Rooster Teeth continues to produce. It originally started up as Monty’s gem to have the creative freedom to flesh out his own characters with a team.


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